Monday, June 6, 2011

day 1 = brownies

ok... so i love cooking, and i love cookbooks, but i never cook anything from them! it's like this stack of glossy pages that just sit there waiting for someone to give them the time of day. i have a few hundred (i'm that obsessed) and i need to start using them!! hence, this blog...

i just got done putting brownies in the oven. if you know me, you know i either cut myself, burn myself, bruise myself, or just outright sacrifice my body each time i cook. for some reason, i need to add that extra pinch of tenderness for the food to come out right. my father (who is a terrific cook) always says cooking is about patience and love (yes, my dad says that), but i can't seem to find that patience. for me, it's all about shortcuts. so today, i really tried to follow directions and give it some love, but i didn't hurt myself in any way. sorry, charley, i don't think it's going to taste very good :(

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  1. I love brownies and this looks great.