Sunday, June 12, 2011

day 5 = pineapple upsidedown cake

after taking the weekend off, it was time to get back to cooking. ever since i made the brownies from the "Ad-Hoc at Home" cookbook (Artisan) by Thomas Keller, i've been itching to continue making some of his recipes. today i made his pineapple upside-down cake. it was fairly simple and came out so light and fluffy i am going to continue cooking out of the book tomorrow!

if you are interested in the recipe, check out the excellent blog by i used a 9-in dark cake pan (since i don't have a silicone one) and it came out great! i think i need a nap now...

day 2 of my input and I think I should just start by keeping track of my weight gain.  everything she is making is not horribly bad for you, I just can't keep from eating too much of it.  This falls into that zone as I will be getting up shortly to get my second piece of the cake after typing this up.  It was very light and has great pineapple flavor.  The pineapple wasn't too soft and the cake itself was fluffy.  My only critical comment would be on the cake as I wish it was a little less fluffy, but all in all it still was amazing.  Good balance of flavors and it tastes very light, not heavy at all.  Highly recommended!



  1. Wow...the photos all look appetizing. Since it's impossible for me to eat a whole cake, years ago I purchased 6" round cake pans. They make exactly half of a double layer cake. Bake about 10 minutes less...your nose will tell you when cake is done. One 6" cake pan should be perfect for half of the pineapple-upside yummie cake.

  2. Sorry i just found were you can comment - you MUST make the pineapple upside down for TOM or Pop or Dad or Whatever

  3. But of course!... I'll whip up a few if you want to keep one in the freezer for a rainy day :)