Monday, June 13, 2011

day 6 = not supposed to happen "stoup"

well, it only took 6 days and i royally messed-up our dinner. if you know me, this will come as no surprise....

charley picked out a recipe he wanted me to make and we went to the grocery store yesterday to pick-up the ingredients. it's a recipe from "Ad-Hoc at Home" (Artisan) by Thomas Keller and we were really looking forward to trying it. being that it was sunday night, i took my time preparing all that was needed to make the dish. i pre-made the chutney, chopped all the vegetables, and made the brine. this morning, i woke-up and stuck the meat in the brine (which it needs to sit in for up to 10 hrs) and left home really proud of myself for actually prepping a dish to the fullest!

walking to the car after work, i called charley to ask him to pull the meat out of the fridge and let it come to room temp by the time i got home. this is how the conversation went...

charley: "it's not in the fridge"

sarah: "ok, charley, it's in a large red pot in the fridge. just pull it out of the liquid and let it sit out to rest until i get home"

charley: "i'm pretty sure the pot is sitting on the counter with the meat in it"

sarah: "what do you mean!? it's not in the refrigerator?"

charley: "yeah, i was wondering what you were doing!"

"yeah, i was wondering what you were doing????" why didn't he just put it in the fridge... oh well, there went all my prep and the hours of "love" i gave the dish yesterday. scrap that so tonight we had leftovers! don't worry though, i stopped at costco on the way home and picked up some more meat for tomorrow... we'll try round two. (i have all this chutney and prepped vegetables i need to use!!)

not supposed to happen "stoup":

every time i have leftovers around (pasta, herbs, chicken bones, vegetables, wine --- yes wine!.....) i throw the leftovers into a large ziploc bag, put it in the freezer, and save for a rainy day. then, when the bag gets full (actually, it's usually 2 bags), i throw it all into a large soup pot and make us some "stoup". i did this last night since it took quite some time to prep all the ingredients for my botched meal so it was our dinner tonight. it's a great way to use up leftovers and makes a really hearty meal!

(if you have leftover wine, pour it into ice cube trays and freeze. it will be a little slushy, but throw it into your ziploc bag and it gives a great flavor to your stoup!)

the great thing about this soup is that it comes out different each time she makes it.  because it is made up of leftovers from previous meals it always has a little different flavor and is always spiced differently.  to clarify I enjoy things spicy and this version of the soup was a little mild for me, but it had enough flavor to carry the dish so that I didn't need to add any pepper or other spices.  i was very happy with this meal, now I am off for my dessert (the remaining pineapple cake!!!!!)


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  1. Hehe.....nice, good back up plan(stoup)& reminder to us & Charley to put forgotten meat in the fridge. You have also managed to leave us anticipating 'round two'