Tuesday, June 14, 2011

day 7 = round 2: "fig" stuffed roast pork loin

for round 2, i learned a lot:

1) brine is easier to make the second time around
2) dates are an excellent substitute if you can't find figs
3) when a recipe says: "refrigerate for 10 hrs (no longer, or the pork may become too salty)"--- LISTEN!
4) charley really knows how to pick recipes that require a lot of clean-up :)

well, after my first failed attempt to make this, i should have just given up. i think charley and i are going to differ on this one (although it was his pick and i never make him pork).

this was a true labor of love. sunday i prepped all the ingredients, monday i left the pork on the counter instead of putting it in the refrigerator, and today i made a lot of dishes messy (including almost setting the smoke detector off). all in all, i left work a few hours later than i had planned so the pork sat in the brine a little too long and you could tell it took on a salty flavor. the chutney was great, except when i pulled it out of the fridge (now 2 days later), it was hard as a rock. when i microwaved it, it bubbled over and got the plate all gooey. oh well, charley's in charge of the dishes...

the meal tonight was specifically requested by me as I see it being possibly the last time I will be eating anything Pork!  for those close to me they will understand.  the pork was tender and full of flavor.  it actually was a good change to use the dates as it added a little texture to the meal. i have become much more open minded to food and have found that I am a texture eater so this element was important to me.  the pork was a little salty, but I was informed that this was due to it sitting in the brine for to long.  I would still recommend this for anyone that enjoys pork!

if you want to try it, check out the "Fig Stuffed Roast Pork Loin" recipe from Ad-Hoc at Home (Artisan) by Thomas Keller. or you can view it at this great blog! sugarandspice-celeste.blogspot.com


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  1. good stuff! I find it so much easier when 'you' learn lessons & I just read them. thanks