Sunday, July 10, 2011

day 19 = espresso caramel bars

last night i made pasta out of the "Giada at Home" cookbook and started her espresso caramel bars. i finished it up today because they take a while (not hands-on time, but allowing it to cool) to bring over to a friends house for dinner.

your can view the recipe at i just have a few recommendations:

 - i found the crust had way too much butter so i poured the excess out and blotted the crust with paper so it wasn't so saturated.

 - i used coffee instead of espresso, but it still had a great flavor.

 - the chocolate is really rich. i might cut it down or use milk chocolate (just my preference). everyone else really liked it this way!

charley now asked me to make this his "favorite" over the oreo bliss from day 4 so this must be really good! check it out...

another great dessert that i will need to request she takes to the office.  this one is probably not on the healthier side, but anything in moderation is never too bad.  the problem is that i have no will power when it comes to dessert and she will need to take them away from me so that i don't eat them all!!!!


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