Tuesday, June 28, 2011

day 15 = laundry detergent for "no cheese, no nuts"

i've always been a bit of an allergic kid. i am extremely allergic to nuts and dairy (every restaurant i go to I ask for "no cheese, no nuts") and i've always had trouble with perfumes. lately, i've tried almost every laundry detergent on the market and always seem to wind-up "itching" by the end of the day. so, i did some research and learned it's much better to make your own.

now, i have to admit, i did have another motive. making your own laundry detergent costs all of $8.77 for the ingredients and you probably get 3 years worth of detergent! here's what you need to do:

step 1: buy all the ingredients

  • borax (laundry detergent aisle)
  • washing soda (laundry detergent aisle)
  • ivory soap (soap aisle -- comes in pack of 3)

step 2: make a batch

  • measure: 1 cup borax & 1 cup washing soda
  • grate: 1 bar of ivory soap on the smallest holes

step 3: mix together, put in your favorite container, and you are all set!

  • use 1 tbsp for a light load or 2 tbsp for a heavy load

that's it! we've been using it now for a few months and it works great. well, i can't really comment because charley does the laundry, but he tells me it works great! please let me know what you think :)



  1. seeing as i am the one who does the laundry around the house i think i should add my two cents. this stuff really does work and i am amazed at how clean it gets the clothes. the first time i used it on the towels i used a little more then i needed and the towels were not fluffy afterwards. the next time i used the correct amount and they came out perfect (about 1.25 teaspoons)!

  2. Interesting but looks like alot of work!

  3. actually, it's extremely easy. you just measure a cup of each powder and then grate the soap. that sounds like a job, but soap is so soft it grates like a breeze. truly, you'll never buy detergent again!