Tuesday, June 7, 2011

day 2 = bbq at home

wow, i've actually kept this going for 2 days! i got home tonight knowing i have a fridge full of Costco purchases (more than should ever be bought for 2 people) and no plan of attack. it's a good thing i have this blog going because it forced me to look through one of my cookbooks. i knew i had chicken in the fridge which needed to be used. a little while ago i read you should salt meats and poultry before you stick them in the fridge to improve the flavor.  i tried this on sunday so figured it needed to be used up 2 days later (the results were spectacular... i highly recommend!). ok, so chicken it is. now, what to do with it? luckily, i have a cookbook from Bobby Flay all about grilling. perfect!

now it was a matter of choosing the recipe. knowing i was not getting back in the car to go to the store, i needed a recipe with ingredients i had at home. have i ever mentioned i am a little obsessed with cookbooks? well, i've made a few recipes overtime and each one seems to use another new spice. luckily then, i had most of the 16 spices in his "Sixteen-Spice-Rubbed Chicken Breast with Black Pepper Vinegar Sauce". charley hates vinegar so it was a little risky, but i thought i go for it. surprisingly, it didn't take very long to put together (i skipped one of the spices because i didn't have it, but who's telling). it actually was spectacular! if you are a descendant of my grandfather, you lick every bone in sight. i've had my share of cleaning chicken bones, but this was probably the best ever! and charley even liked the sauce! 

to top it all off i added some corn (again from Costco) and a cobb salad. it turned out to be a great evening! ---- ok, i can't get all the credit, charley grilled the chicken to perfection (he wanted me to add that plug :)

since it has a lot of ingredients, check it out for yourself at the following and let me know how it goes!: BBQ Chicken Rub 


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  1. Sarah....love the blog. I too have a very large stack of recipes waiting to be tried. You inspire me to take more chances, even tho my peeps cringe when I say I'm trying a new recipe. Mostly,they enjoy my cooking. I tried your favorite paring knife, it is great. I've only drawn blood once.
    Looking forward to more cooking adventures. And please share the 'not so good' recipes...so I won't try & further subject my peeps. nwilk