Thursday, July 14, 2011

day 20 = country captain chicken

i tried to create a meal yesterday as a treat for charley, but made a few critical mistakes:

  1. we bought the cheapest chicken i could find and it was really tough. lately i've been buying kosher chicken and you really can taste a difference. for the extra $2 i would highly recommend the better tasting chicken for this dish.
  2. i really wanted to surprise him with boston creme pie cupcakes (his favorite dessert). i got all the way to the "cream" step and, as my arm was about to fall off from the whisking, a familiar smell came into my kitchen. it was that moment that i remembered i had made this recipe for him in the not so distant past and we did not like it. needless to say, i have no memory, and i gave up for the night. if i can get inspired, i'll finish them up this evening and post them for you to see... hopefully i just had a bad day the last time and it tastes better tonight!

for the chicken recipe, it is out of "bobby flay's throwdown!" cookbook.  this cookbook is fantastic because it gives you both bobby flay's recipe and the opponent recipe and let's you know who won the throwdown. in case you haven't checked it out for yourself, it is a great show on the food network.

i picked this recipe because it intrigued me. i've never heard of "country captain chicken" and it resembled chicken cacciatore with an indian flare so i was immediately intrigued. i used baby carrots which didn't seem to cook in the allotted time so i would recommend you let it simmer longer than the recipe states or cut your carrots in smaller pieces. check the recipe out here

i have found that i am a fan of anything prepared with curry and this dish was no exception.  i really enjoyed the meal except for the chicken.  the chicken we decided to go with just wasn't any good.  the carrots were a little tough, but in the end i still loved them.  this was a very flavorful dish and i would recommend it!


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  1. What did he do without the Ranch? The Chicken looked good - I like curry also - if not overdone! The Idea of fusion food is always appealing so when you said Caccitore with Indian flare I was intrigued! Cannot believe you are calm enough to be cooking

    The boston cream cupcake sound perfect for Charley and Tom!