Thursday, June 23, 2011

day 12 = using up the fridge

i'm trying to eat up the contents of our fridge. the other day i bought these great mini-potatoes from Trader Joe's and hadn't yet used them. so, i turned the oven to 450 degrees, put the potatoes in an 8x8 in pan, drizzled with olive oil, sprinkled with a little brown sugar and the leftover sixteen-spice rub i made the other day courtesy of bobby flay, and tossed with tongs to coat. i put the pan in the oven (no need to wait for it to preheat) and changed into comfy clothes.

well, i knew we were having potatoes, but what was going to be for the main meal? i opened the freezer to get out some chicken wings ($4 off at costco right now), but charley had eaten the last few earlier today. ok, now what? i still had some leftover "stoup" from a month ago so i stuck it in the microwave for 10 mins to defrost and heat-up.

luckily, they finished up at about the same time and we had a great dinner in under 20 mins!

**anytime i have leftovers (pasta, herbs, wine...) i throw them into a ziploc bag and stick in the freezer. about once a month i cook up the contents of the bags with a little chicken stock and it makes for a few great meals of "stoup".

first meal of the week that was a little heavy, but still very good.  she did an amazing job with the seasoning and i may regret it later as i ate too many of them.  after a week long of this food i am happy to say i haven't put on any weight, but i have made sure to keep up with my workouts and even push myself a little farther.  i am beginning to believe what they say that it is always better to have a home cooked meal then eat out.  this really has become a great blessing, i love the food.


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