Monday, June 27, 2011

day 14 = what am i going to make for 4th of July?

each year i make something cute and fun for the kids on 4th of july. each year i agonize about what to make, finally pick something, scramble to get the ingredients, and stay at the beach a little longer than i should (i need to get a tan!) and then have to rush to put something together.

i'm sure this year will be no different, but this year i'll let you in on my thoughts... we'll just have to wait to find out which one it is!

2011 --- what do you think????

past years if you want to drool...



  1. Could you have made the decision a little easier? ;) UGH...I would eat all of them however if I had to choose, "forget me not cones" -- but "mmm...strawberries" would be second. I can't wait to see what you choose!...maybe you could save one for me. ha!

  2. My votes for the forget-me-nots -- they look very unforgettable!

  3. My vote: cheeseburgers in paradise but without the sesame seeds...all the recipes look fun to make & eat!