Wednesday, August 24, 2011

day 24 = THANK YOU and we're back in business!

thanks to everyone who stayed with our blog while we were on "holiday" the last month :)

we had an amazing honeymoon trip to the Mediterranean on the Ruby Princess cruise ship and highly recommend it as your next vacation. here are a few juicy pics for you....

the itinerary (from venice to barcelona with the following stops):

charley ordered the "princess loveboat":

muscles they made just for me (our waiter took pity on my nut allergy):

homemade cheese from a farm in sorrento:

can you believe these sculptures are bread?:

enjoy, we did!

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  1. Loved the bread! The last picture with the instruments - looks like a watermelon in the front! What kind of bread was used? Waiting for wedding pics! Much Love