Wednesday, September 14, 2011

day 35 = gizzards and hearts

ok, don't get too disgusted yet. i went to the grocery store this weekend and all the chicken was 1/2 off. needless to say, i bought a bunch of chicken. included was 1lb of gizzards and hearts for $1.01.

i love them with just a little salt and pepper heated under the broiler. that's not all that exciting for a meal -- works well for the few pieces you get in a whole chicken though. so what should i do? i went to google and entered "chicken gizzard recipe" and i found this... looks interesting, but i didn't have all the ingredients. so i changed it up quite a bit. here's what i did:

1) put chicken gizzard and hearts in a dutch oven on low heat
2) chopped 6 cloves of garlic and tossed it in
3) added:
      - 12oz italian dressing
      - 1 bottle beer
      - 2 tbsp white vinegar
      - 1 tbsp soy sauce
      - 1 tbsp A1 sauce
      - 1 tbsp worcestershire
      - 1 tbsp tabasco
      - red pepper flakes
      - celery seed
      - thyme
      - smoked paprika
      - lawry's seasoned salt
      - pepper
4) bring heat just before it starts to boil, reduce to simmer with lid on for 3 hours
5) take gizzards and hearts out of the liquid and place on foil lined baking sheet
6) sprinkle salt and pepper over top and broil for 2 mins

it was fairly simple, but i didn't eat until pretty late. it was extremely tender, not like typical gizzards and hearts. the sauce had a good amount of heat so i boiled down the leftovers a little to concentrate the flavor and put the chicken breast tenders i picked up from the sale in it to marinade overnight. should be interesting to see what charley thinks of the flavor! he's back eating with me tomorrow...


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  1. My mother loved gizzards and hearts - some in the family joined her - myself - no way - first it was Chicken (which I wouldn't eat for 30 years! I think you heard the story) and second - it's liver! and it heart! but good luck. I liked the biscuits and loved the idea of the pizza!