Wednesday, August 31, 2011

day 28 = nothing like homemade tacos

charley really outdid himself. these are amazing!

i had dinner with sarah's brother and his girlfriend the other day and i was going to cook.  i asked sarah what i should make and she said tacos, but then changed her mind and asked me to wait until i got back home.  i would admit it was tough because they sounded so great.  i was able to wait and i guess it made it that much better because they were amazing.  i don't know what it is about tacos made at home, but just writing about them makes me want more!

if you want to recreate this, here's what he did:

 - chop up: lettuce, tomato, and onion
 - mix: 2 lbs beef and lawry's taco seasoning package (i like mccormick better)
 - cook: follow the directions on lawry's package
 - sprinkle with: shredded cheese, taco bell hot sauce, and la victoria green taco sauce
 - serve inside: taco shells


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