Tuesday, September 6, 2011

day 31 = "killer" chicken

so last night we decided to use up some of the leftovers. we bought chicken, had corn and asparagus leftover from costco, and had a lot of leftover "killer shrimp" sauce (i forgot to bring it to our friends house). here's what we did:

1) we marinated chunks of white meat chicken in the killer shrimp sauce for a few hours

2) i pulled out the chicken and put them on skewers

3) i put the killer shrimp sauce on the stove and boiled it for 30 mins to concentrate the flavors
      (you'll notice it's much more dense than day 29) so we could dunk the chicken, bread, and
      vegetables into it

4) i sprinkled the last of the "sixteen-spice rub" that i used on day 2, day 3, day 9, day 12...
     all over the chicken

5) i put some olive oil, balsamic vinegar (shhh... don't tell charley), oregano, basil, red pepper   
       flakes, salt and pepper on the asparagus

6) handed it all to charley to grill

7) ate dinner!

it was really good. the best part was i accidentally left a piece of chicken in the sauce while i boiled it. it came out fantastic! so very tender and extremely full of flavor. i am going to make that again for sure!

at first i thought we should have cooked this on the stove because we could pour the sauce all over the chicken while it cooked, but again sarah had it right by grilling.  i was able to enjoy half last night and the remainder today for lunch.  it will go to the top of my dinner list (still have the dessert on top overall) along with the meatballs!


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