Sunday, September 25, 2011

day 38 = "sponge" drops


i was so excited to make these. i pulled out one of the cookbooks my mom let me have of hers. it's from the 70's and picked two recipes: little sponge drops and cookies. charley chose these so i got to cooking. the best part, was i was going to be able to use my grandma's (mom's) blueberry jam.

unfortunately, they were horrible. so bad even we threw them out and i am not going to include the recipe because i don't want someone to accidentally stumble upon it and think they look good. here are a few pictures of the progress though.... these don't look bad, go figure!

not sure on how best to say this, but i didn't like these at all.  in fact the only thing that was enjoyable about them was the jam she used which is family made.  i had to just throw these away!  I would not recommend them.

enjoy (or not in this case)!

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  1. I have made many flops - sorry you used the jam on something that didn't work out - you have to make mistakes to be a good cook! ask me about this weekend at Pam and Mike and trying a Rachael Ray recipe just to use leftover mashed potatos. Love your blog!