Saturday, October 1, 2011

day 39 = hotter than hot fresh salmon

my apologies! we haven't posted in a while and that's really because i have spent the last 3 weeks as a juror and it was a very trying experience. instead of cooking, we just ate out to make life simpler. we're back though!

lately, charley has been doing most of the fish cooking (see day 3 and day 25 for how we typically make salmon). this is soooo easy and we discovered how to make it after realizing it's a go-to favorite of ours at costco. here's how i made it today:

- preheat oven to 450 degrees
- line a baking sheet with foil
- lay salmon in center of baking sheet
- surround salmon with mini-peppers* and red jalapeno peppers
- sprinkle salmon with spices:
      - alaea salt (i bought it at Hepps Salt Barrel)
      - chipotle pepper (i bought it at Penzeys)
      - smoked paprika
      - turmeric
      - oriental mustard powder
      - parsley flakes
- drizzle hot pepper olive oil over top*
- throw a few mini-hot peppers on top of fish*
- bake for 14 mins

*while at this trial, i visited a farmers market during lunch and picked up a branch of mini-hot peppers (i've never seen anything like it). the farmer that sold it to me said he smashes them, chops them up, and mixes with cilantro and tomatoes. he then uses the paste to marinate chicken with or as a spread on meats. charley took them off the vines and put them in a drinking glass with olive oil. this way they release more heat and we have hot pepper olive oil! i highly recommend. here's what it looked like:

i have to say i enjoy spicy things, but these peppers hit you with a lot of heat! The salmon was very good and actually complimented the hit of the peppers because it cooled this off.  i typically can handle the heat of peppers, but these i could only finish a few.  I am looking forward to these over the next few days!


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  1. This looks fabulous! I was just at the store and saw small red and yellow peppers - Pam and Shannon are coming into town this weekend (wish you and Charley could be here!!!!) So sorry you had such a difficult three weeks but glad to see your back to cooking - I will be trying this while the kids are at home but not with the heat so Payton can eat some!